What is a multi assets trading platform?

For consistent profits and quality performance in the stock market, you need an intermediary, which in today's world is an e-broker. It is a computer software application used by an individual investor to manage and control their account. It is a terminal that allows investors and traders to enter and exit trades in the market.

It is better to choose a multi asset trading platform, it has more features that will give you everything you need in one place.

Advantages of a multi platform

There are many differences between brokerage sites in the opportunities they offer clients. Simple sites focus on a single asset type. A trader on a multi asset trading platform has many more features and assets at their disposal. You will always be able to see real-time quotes for all sorts of assets that you can invest in with or without leverage. Thus, short-, medium- and long-term investment opportunities are available to almost any user.

In addition, the system allows you to view your entire commerce history in your personal account, keep track of your income and losses and analyse your own tactics, allowing you to make changes to your portfolio very quickly.

News on the multi asset trading platform
News on the multi asset trading platform

The online broker also offers its own mobile app, which allows you to keep up with the market wherever and whenever you like. You will also be able to log into your account, view news and quotes etc.

Traders are people who value their time, and time is money. With this application, you will always be one step ahead.

We also advise you to use video learning on the broker website. It consists of lessons that you can view whenever you want or need. This is knowledge in different areas of commerce, which will surely be of use to you. There is also a big section with answers to the most frequently asked questions, which is very convenient. Information is always needed!

Analytics section on the platform

In business, you are likely to encounter two types of analysis. The system can provide you with analytical tools for both. Fundamental analysis is based on the evolution of national economies, monetary policy, global financial, stock, commodity markets and many other factors that influence prices. For day-to-day operations, you can use the economic calendar and information section of your broker's website.

Chart or technical analysis means that all the things a trader needs to know are on the price chart. A trader assesses the price movement over a certain amount of time and tries to predict future price action based on past price movement patterns. To do this, the trader uses various charts, indicators, support and resistance levels. Several charts may be displayed simultaneously. The situation on the market changes sometimes in a split second, which requires equally quick reaction. It is especially important to have all indicators on one screen, i.e. at hand.

Take advantage, all these advantages are yours!

Select indicators on the platform
Select indicators on the platform

Types of platform trading

If you are interested in making good money, you should definitely consider a multi asset trading platform in Nigeria. As you have already realized, with a brokerage site where you can buy multiple assets at once, you will save time and money on the fact that you can choose everything in one place.  On the platform, traders can trade hundreds of financial assets in different categories: stocks, commodities, crypto assets, currencies, indices and ETFs.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

Each asset has its own characteristics and different kinds of selling strategies can be used.

You can also use CFD contracts, which provides a variety of choices, as well as leveraged trades, which will allow you to earn more.

Stock trading

The stock market is dynamic and offers traders many possibilities. Stocks are generally suitable for medium- and long-term investors. Shares are affected by different events on the market. Stocks may rise or fall as news of their issuers' profits hits the market, as new products are launched, or as share prices of competing companies change.

Shares are securities that companies issue to raise capital.

They offer investors a share of the assets and a say in how the business is run, and in return they receive money for development. Some pay a dividend to shareholders, a share of the profits left over after obligatory spending.

When an investor buys a share, he becomes a co-owner of the company's assets and shares both the successes and the risks. The company makes a profit - the investor wins through dividends or an increase in the value of the stock.

Forex trading

The money market is the largest market in the world. The value of each currency is affected by various factors, including decisions of central banks regarding interest rates, export performance of a country, and significant economic events.

Pairs of currencies are denoted by a slash or bold. The first is the base currency that is sold or bought, which is a commodity; the second is the quote, which is the money that is paid for the "commodity".

Popular currency pairs
Popular currency pairs

Trading options

An option is a contract that allows you to buy (call) or sell (put) the underlying asset (commodity or security) at a future date at a fixed price (strike). Its peculiarity is that the holder of such a contract can use or not use his right to buy (sell).

A binary option is considered to be a special kind of option. Here you do not buy an asset, but bet on the direction of its price.

A binary option is a transaction in the financial market, where you make a prediction and bet money on it. If the prediction is correct, you get 60-95 percent profit, if not - you lose all your bet.

Trading commodities

Commodity trading is one of the earliest forms of commerce, dating back thousands of years. Some commodities have traditionally been considered protective assets, that is, they contribute to the stability of an investment portfolio consisting of highly volatile assets. The most widely traded commodities that you can buy on the broker's website are gold, silver and oil.

Commodities trading platform
Commodities trading platform

ETF trading

In simple terms, an ETF is a portfolio (basket) of securities assembled according to a specific principle. Most often, it is index-based. Securities are bought in the same proportion as in an index. Portions of this ETF portfolio (shares) are sold on the stock exchange. As a result, an investor, who buys even one share of an ETF, invests money in several shares of different companies.

Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency is simply electronic money, a virtual asset. They are not issued in physical form, but exist only on the internet. Crypto-assets are extremely volatile: during a single trading day, fluctuations in exchange rates can be expressed in double digits. The best known and oldest cryptocurrency is bitcoin; it is considered the benchmark (digital gold).

In this way, the platform gives you a lot of choice. You can diversify your portfolio and keep your earnings in one account. This is very convenient and will save you a lot of effort and time, and hence capital. Try different assets and tactics and you will find the best option for you. If you are inexperienced and afraid of crashing, you can use a demo account to learn how to trade without spending your own money.

Cryptocurrency trading platform
Cryptocurrency trading platform

How to start using a multi asset trading platform in Nigeria?

If you would like to know how to get started using the multi asset trading platform in Nigeria, you should first sign up on the broker's website. This is done quickly and for free and will give you access to the benefits of the platform, in particular you will be able to open an account and start commerce.

As well as having an account, you will receive additional features such as video training, a mobile app, 24/7 service support, a professional trading terminal, real-time news and quotes and much more.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Demo account

When you learn how to use a multi assets trading platform, a demo account will provide you with a risk-free trading experience. You will be able to learn all about a particular asset before you make a trade. This will give you more knowledge and experience and you will be able to trade like a professional trader.

When you start commerce, you need to understand the basics of the process so that you can consistently place winning trades.

There are many advantages to using demo accounts. The most obvious one is that it will help you get familiar with the platform. This is because you will be able to trade with real market participants to see what they are doing. The information you get from these participants will be useful in identifying your trading mistakes and improving your strategy.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Real account

If you are ready to begin trading in the real market, then you should make a deposit into your account, and you can begin buying. You will be able to use tools such as news and event calendars, indicators and data charts to track market trends. These tools will also give you insights into market activity. This will help you make better decisions and plan your trades better.

You will be able to withdraw money from your account and all profits from your trades will also be credited to your account. Analyse your account movements and change your style if necessary. See which asset has brought you the biggest profit and over what period of time.

By spreading your capital across different assets, you can hedge your risk and earn more. By multi assets trading platform you have access to a wide range of products, which allow you to profit from both rising and falling markets. Everything is in your hands! Good luck!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose