Huobi Global cryptocurrency derivatives

What is Huobi Global? 

The exchange offers its customers trading and investment services in cryptocurrencies, as well as a wide range of additional features that allow you to earn on tokens within its rich infrastructure. The company was established in 2013 and founded by Leon Li. In May 2013, Huobi Group acquired the domain name huobi .com and launched a trading platform. In the same year, the platform received investments from Dai Zhikang and Zhen Fund. A year later, Sequoia Capital became the investors of the exchange. In August 2014, Huobi acquired a company that developed and maintained a bitcoin wallet.

When China banned cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs in 2017, Huobi had to change its strategy. Huobi Global derivatives trading platform entered the Korean market and moved its head office to Seoul. Also, in 2017, Huobi began to function in Singapore and Japan. In 2018, the company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. And in 2020, the site entered a new round of its development by launching a cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia.

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

The Huobi exchange offers a fairly simple registration system. To create an account, you must provide a nationality, a valid email address, and create a password. An important feature of the Huobi trading terminal is that the platform can be used both in the browser and downloaded to your hard drive. Huobi enjoys a good reputation for security and adheres to the highest measures to protect themselves and users' funds. It offers 2FA to enhance the protection of users' accounts, and also offers confirmation by e-mail when withdrawing funds, password information recovery, changing security settings and API management. The user can activate any option in the account depending on the degree of security desired. Huobi Global claims to be one of the largest digital asset trading service providers in the world and strives to build strategic partnerships in every country it enters.

What are derivatives?

Huobi Global derivatives in Nigeria are available for purchase now!

A derivative is a financial instrument based on obligations in respect of other investment assets or commodities.

Derivatives are often bought precisely to compensate for the impact of negative market trends. In the language of financiers, this is called hedging (from the English hedge - protection), or buying the opportunity to sell or buy an asset on pre-negotiated terms. The derivative financial instrument itself is an agreement between two or more parties, and the price of the derivative is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset. The market in which derivative financial instruments are traded is called the derivatives market, since the parameters of the transaction are fixed at the time of the conclusion of the contract, and the fulfillment of obligations occurs after a certain period. Derivative financial instruments are also called futures contracts.

Huobi trading room
Huobi trading room

There are four groups of derivatives market participants:

  • Speculators. They are engaged in the most common and at the same time very risky activity, buying or selling financial instruments or assets with the expectation that their price will change in their favor in the future.
  • Arbitrators. profit by simultaneously opening opposite positions in different market segments. Such transactions, as a rule, are characterized by low profitability and the absence of risk associated with price fluctuations.
  • Margin traders. Margin is collateral deposited by an investor who invests money in a financial instrument. Margin trading involves transactions with financial assets using borrowed funds provided by the broker.
  • Hedgers. Hedging is an investment in order to eliminate the risk of future price changes. Derivative financial instruments effectively offset risks with the corresponding underlying assets.

Derivatives are a growing market with products to suit virtually any need or risk.

There are many different types of derivatives that can be used for risk management, speculation and position exploitation. The derivatives market continues to grow, offering products to suit virtually any need or risk tolerance.

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HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global
HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global

Huobi HT Token

The Huobi exchange has its own token, which has several functions, namely:

  • Discounts on commission for holders;
  • Security deposits for Huobi ecosystem member;
  • Huobi FastTrack, the token gives the right to vote;
  • Security deposits for team members;
  • Participation in Huobi Prime - IEO.

A total of 500 million tokens have been issued, about half are in free circulation. Huobi Token is a fairly liquid asset and is traded on many exchanges. Houbi Token is the backbone of the Chinese trading platform ecosystem and is primarily intended to pay commissions for trading operations. The price of a token depends on many factors, primarily liquidity and general the number of HT coins that are regularly “burned” in order to provide a deflationary model for the development of a digital asset.

Huobi Global mobile app

In addition to the staking wallet, Huobi also has a mobile trading app, Huobi Global. The official site  and offers to download the installation file of the application. The app is actually already available on the market and is easily searchable for the phrase “Huobi Global”. The mobile app allows you to place orders and keep track of invoices from any mobile device. Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading can now be done without a laptop or desktop computer. This application is available on Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as on iOS and Android gadgets.

Huobi Global trading platform is  available in convenient mobile App
Huobi Global trading platform is available in convenient mobile App

How to trade Huobi Global derivatives in Nigeria?

Huobi Global derivatives trading may be the first experience for someone, because you can work with the market on the Huobi exchange through a convenient terminal. Once you have registered your account, there are a few more things that need to be done before the user can start using the full functionality of the platform, namely:

  • Complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process is the international standard for preventing exchanges and other financial institutions from being used for illegal activities. This allows the exchange to understand its customers and offer them products that suit their country and financial profile.
  • Buy crypto on Huobi.
  • Deposit assets to your Huobi account.
  • Trade cryptocurrencies on the Huobi exchange.
  • Activate your Huobi Futures sub-account.
  • Refer friends and earn commission.
Huobi Global registration
Huobi Global registration

How to register? 

According to the analysis of reviews, this exchange justifiably occupies a leading position in the ranking of the best trading platforms. Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with margin trading, competitive transaction fees, 24/7 technical support and educational materials for new traders.

Huobi is easy to get started with. To create an account, go to the main page and click the "Sign up" button in the upper right corner. You will then be redirected to a registration page where you will be prompted to enter your citizenship, email address or phone number and password. Check the box to accept the user agreement and click "Register" at the bottom.

Now you have an account on Huobi - that's how easy and simple it is! Please note that some tokens have very low withdrawal limits, so you will need to pass KYC verification in order to increase them. To do this, you need to enter personal data and upload a document (passport, driver's license, etc.).

Register now, don't waste time and start Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading today!

How to deposit/withdraw funds from the exchange?

You can fund your Huobi account in the "Deposit & Withdrawal" section. The link to the section is located in the "Balance" tab. To replenish your account, you need to perform several actions:

  • Select the desired asset.
  • Click on the "Deposit" button on the right.
  • Copy the cryptocurrency address.
  • Transfer funds to the specified address from another crypto wallet.

You can also withdraw cryptocurrency here. The algorithm is almost the same:

  • First you need to choose a coin.
  • Click on the "Withdraw" button.
  • Copy and paste the output address.
  • Specify the amount.
  • Take into account the commission and make a withdrawal.

After that, wait until the transaction receives the required number of network confirmations, and the coins will be credited to the account. Funds are generally withdrawn from Huobi very quickly.

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount depends on the specific coin. The deposit requirement is always displayed in the deposit application form. If the deposit amount is less, then the deposited assets will be lost.

To deposit in fiat, you must pass KYC verification and enable at least two methods of two-factor authentication.

Huobi Global derivatives list

USDT Margin Swaps. Like the margined spot market, its price is close to the index price of the underlying asset. The main mechanism for fixing the spot price is based on the financing fee. There is no expiration date for USDT margin swaps which are calculated every 8 hours and the current period funding fee and unrealized P&L will be combined into realized P&L after settlement and transferred to the user's account balance.

UsdT Margined Futures. There is an expiration date for each USDT Margined Futures and no funding fees will be charged. Upon expiration of the futures contract, all open positions will be closed at the arithmetic mean of the index price during the last hour, realizing spread delivery rather than physical delivery.

Mechanism for USDT margin contract.  USDT margin contracts implement a price-time-priority algorithm, the earliest active buy order at the highest price takes precedence over any subsequent order at that price, which in turn takes precedence over any active order to buy at a lower price. When the margin ratio is equal to or less than 0, liquidation will be initiated for the position.

A maximum of four types of usdt-margined futures are available on Huobi futures, including weekly, biweekly, quarterly, and two-wart USDT-margined futures.

Huobi Coin margin swaps are a kind of digital currency derivatives. Users can profit from rising/falling prices of digital currencies by going long or selling short based on their own judgment. Like the margined spot market, its price is close to the price of the underlying reference index. The main mechanism for fixing spot prices is the cost of funds. Coin Margin Swaps do not have a delivery date. Users can always keep it. Coin Margin Swaps are calculated every 8 hours. After each calculation, the realized profit/loss and unrealized profit/loss are transferred to the user's account balance.

Perpetual swap transactions 7/24 hours. Currently, the calculation is made every 8 hours, and the calculation occurs in three time periods 00:00, 8:00 and 16:00 (GMT+8). The transaction will be terminated during the settlement period. The amount of time to abort a transaction depends on the time-consuming calculation of the system.

Huobi Global derivatives products
Huobi Global derivatives products

The perpetual swap supports 1x, 2x, 3x and higher leverage respectively, and the highest leverage supports 200x.


  • When holding positions, you can only switch the leverage of futures in the trading status.
  • You can only switch to user-accessible levers.
  • Users with held positions can only switch leverage when they have no limit orders and trigger orders open.
  • If, after switching leverage, the margin ratio is less than or equal to 0, the switch will not be successful.
  • If the available margin is less than 0 after switching leverage, the switch will not be successful.
  • Leverage switching may fail due to issues such as non-trading status, insufficient margin, network issues, or system issues.

Huobi Futures is a kind of digital currency derivatives. Users can profit from rising/falling prices of digital currencies by going long or selling short based on their own judgment. Huobi futures accepts spread delivery. When futures expire, all open positions will be closed at the arithmetic average price of the last hour based on the index, not physical delivery  digital currency.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives in Nigeria are in huge demand among traders and investors.

Benefits of  Huobi Global
Benefits of Huobi Global


Huobi offers its users a fairly wide functionality. Here you can analyze the chart using various types of price presentation, as well as indicators. Several types of trading orders are available, including market and limit orders. A small video is also offered, with the help of which customers can quickly navigate the main functions of the terminal.

The advantages of Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform include:

  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • The presence of an alternative exchange, which includes tokens for which users have voted.
  • A modern trading platform that supports a large number of analytical tools. Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
  • High level of cyber security. There is no official information about the hack.
  • A rich ecosystem that includes many areas in addition to cryptocurrency trading.
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose