Over the years, many investors and traders cannot imagine trading on the market without an online broker. These platforms have captured the attention of a huge number of users on all continents with their user-friendly interfaces and low deposits.

The creators of trading platforms have spent a lot of time and resources to create a secure terminal for quick and easy work. But nevertheless, not all online brokers are ideal, for example, let's take a situation. What should the user do if he went on a trip or vacation, when the market has an increased value of profit? But what if the situation happened, right during the trip? An investor or trader does not have the opportunity to take a laptop with an installed terminal or Internet access everywhere.

In such situations, in fact, there is nothing critical, not all online brokers provide their users with the opportunity to trade outside the home. It depends on what place the platform occupies in the popularity rating, because with a good offer, demand grows. So many developers offer investors and traders to use terminals for smartphones. In this case, the user's account and terminal will always be in the pocket.

IQ Option trading platform
IQ Option trading platform

Now online brokers that provide the possibility of mobile trading are very popular, because this function gives unlimited access to the user's portfolio. One of the best mobile trading platforms is IQ Option. This online broker has been licensed and has been operating since 2014, constantly providing users with the opportunity to receive passive and active income through trading. IQ Option gained great popularity for the best opportunity provided for binary options trading among its competitors.

With the advent of the IQ Option mobile app, the platform received even more recognition from investors and traders from all over the world. And all because the application for a mobile device gives access not only to a portfolio, but also allows the user to use all the terminal functions that are present on the web version of the IQ Option online broker terminal.

About the IQ Option terminal for a mobile device

To begin with, it is worth noting that you can download IQ Option mobile app for free, for different smartphones with different operating systems. This makes it possible for the application to be even more accessible and have a large reach of users in each country.

The IQ Option app for mobile phone not only gives investors and traders the opportunity to trade using only their smartphone, but also has some features that allow you to increase the security of your work, such as notifications about the formation of a trend or the crossing of a certain value of the asset price.

IQ Option mobile app
IQ Option mobile app

The appearance of the application interface allows an investor or trader to quickly understand the functionality and simplifies the availability of trading. The developers of IQ Option completely repeated the appearance of the official terminal in the mobile phone application, which allows users who are familiar with the web version to immediately start trading without using their free time to understand the application.

If the user is a beginner, then there is nothing critical, because thanks to the clear arrangement of functions and harmonious design, it will not be difficult to understand how the application works. A training account will also be available in the terminal directly from a mobile phone, allowing a novice investor or trader to try out trading without using their finances and understand the functionality at their own pace.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

The slow learning of trading certainly gives beginners an advantage over users who start trading on a live account without practice. So a user who will know about trading strategies and be able to use tools will make fewer mistakes, which will allow him to open transactions more safely, reducing risks.

Harmonious interface and convenient functionality

In order for the user to make a profit, the type of interface does not play any role, but its convenience is undoubtedly important, which will help the investor or trader to save and increase their funds. After installing the application for a mobile phone, the user must make sure that the functions in the terminal are practical, so that there are no difficulties during trading.

IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets
IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets

It is also important to note that the color palette in the IQ Option application is not overloaded with bright colors, which makes the work more enjoyable and does not tire the eyes. This is a positive quality of the terminal, because then it will not be necessary to stop trading, because the user will not get tired. These nuances unconsciously improve trading and make it more practical.

All the functionality that is present on the terminal of the mobile application allows you to make the work more convenient and practical for the user. This is the first priority for developers when it comes to minimizing the size of the terminal.

An investor or trader can use the application for mobile phones only to control the progress of open transactions when there is no computer or laptop nearby. This is available to all users, since the terminal of the application and the web version of the terminal are synchronized. Therefore, when an investor opens a deal on a personal computer, he can go about his business with peace of mind, because in his pocket he has a convenient miniature version of the platform that allows you to control open deals.

The location and labeling of all functions is clear and convenient for users, allowing you to understand the work very quickly and efficiently.

When choosing an asset, the user should pay attention to the plus sign, which is located in the upper field of the terminal, above the chart. When clicked, a list of all possible assets opens, divided into groups for convenience, the user can only select the one of interest. Switching between assets is just as easy.

On the right in the terminal, there are fields for entering the amount, choosing the type of transaction, and you can also specify the size of the leverage, which the user considers more accessible and reliable. And below, the investor or trader chooses how to enter the deal, starting from the direction of the price movement of the selected asset. Two buttons have a large designation and eye-catching color: "Buy" and "Sell".

The user uses a "Buy" trade entry when there is an accurate chance that the price of an asset will start to rise, and a "Sell" trade entry is used when the price is falling. The designation of these buttons is no different from the version in the terminal on a personal computer.

Aplikasi IQ Option untuk smartphone
Aplikasi IQ Option untuk smartphone

On the bottom panel, below the chart, the investor and trader will be able to find auxiliary functions, such as:

  • Timeframe. A function that allows you to view a graph with a reference point in a certain time interval.
  • Graph interface. The user chooses the most familiar chart type, such as lines, bars, candles, and so on.
  • Indicators and drawing tools. These functions allow the user to more accurately predict the possible direction of the price of the selected asset.

Each of the functions has a clear designation, allowing an investor or trader to understand the functionality independently and quickly.


You IQ Option mobile app download on a mobile phone with the most popular software, which makes the application more accessible around the world.

The platform also has translation into many languages, making trading more understandable for any user. The site is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai.

It is also important to note the clear interface, as the application itself was created with the expectation of expanding the possibility of trading at any time when you are not a user. It is also important to note the ease of use of the application during times of high market volatility. The user can control the course of the transaction at any time and, in the event of a change in the direction of price movement, prevent unwanted exchange rate losses.

Downloading and installing the application on a mobile phone

You can download IQ Option mobile app for free on Android and iOS devices. This can be done in two ways.

In the first case, the user will have to visit the official website of the online broker and download for the device that suits him. There, the investor and trader will be able to find versions for tablets and personal computers.

You can also install the application using the mobile phone itself, for this you need to go to the application store, the name of which depends on the system software of the device itself.

IQ Option offers fast withdrawal
IQ Option offers fast withdrawal

For Android-based smartphones, the operating system must comply with Android 5.1 and above, and the required hard disk space must be at least 74 MB. For smartphones with iOS software, the version of the operating system required, not lower than iOS 12.1 and all subsequent updates, on the hard disk, you need the same amount of space as for smartphones on the Android system.

Once the download is complete, the user can immediately log into their account or create a new one using their email address and a complex password. As soon as the login to the personal account is completed, the trader will have access to such functions as replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of income, as well as an online broker terminal, with which you can immediately start opening transactions.

Thanks to the use of a mobile application with a trading terminal, the user will be able to devote a little more time to trading and make more profitable and successful transactions, helping to increase their active or passive income.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose