CoinTiger derivatives in Nigeria are of interest to many people, so let's look at this exchange in detail.

CoinTiger derivatives trading platform offers traders and investors a simple trading platform. To trade or exchange cryptocurrency, it is enough to register, replenish an account and open a web-terminal. The functionality of the terminal does not reach desktop trading platforms, however, due to its lightness, CoinTiger derivatives trading is possible anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

Two versions of the web-terminal are available: an extended version with additional information on the tool and the latest news, and a standard version, which contains only technical tools. analysis, chart and quick order opening buttons.


Advantages of the web platform from CoinTiger: 

  • Orders are opened quickly, during periods of high volatility requotes and slippage are absent;
  • Multilingual - English, Russian, Chinese and other languages can be selected;
  • Indicators of tech. analysis from TradingView with full timeframe settings, plus the ability to save the chart;
  • A glass of available applications with a visual volume in the window;
  • Working applications for Android and iOS;
  • Ability to add an application to the glass.

Cons of the web platform from CoinTiger:

  • Margin trading is not available;
  • Trading in cryptobots is prohibited;
  • Trade statistics are not available;
  • No “trailing” for an active order;
  • There is no desktop version.
Download mobile app
Download mobile app


CoinTiger pays great attention to the protection of client accounts. After the creation of the crypto exchange, additional protection settings were introduced. Plus, Coin Tiger periodically reminds its customers of the need to protect their computer well.

For user account:

  • Verification of login through 2FA and GA authorization;
  • Confirmation of the withdrawal of funds to the wallet - also through 2FA and GA;
  • Fixing of IP addresses, for the subsequent formation of the white list.

Exchange-side protection measures:

  • Protection against DDOS attacks;
  • Encryption of all user actions - from transactions to sending vouchers;
  • Extended SSL protection for the web-terminal;
  • Placement of assets on "cold" wallets - 97% are under enhanced protection.

Fixed Income

CoinTiger offers investors ready-made investments offers for cryptocurrencies. Not all coins are included in the offer, mainly these are new “replenishments”. However, the exchange guarantees the payment of interest at the end of the term. At the time of investment, the amount is frozen for a certain period and cannot participate in trading.

Features of investing from CoinTiger:

  • Premature withdrawal of investments is not provided;
  • Minimum, calculated on the basis of investment plan.

Investment fund CTGF

Another offer for large investors. In fact, this is a portfolio that is optimized by experienced analysts and traders of the CoinTiger crypto exchange. The fund was established in the summer of 2018 and has already managed to recruit loyal investors. The only negative is the high entry threshold – from $1’000’000 and above.

Assets in the CTGF portfolio:

  • Dollar (USD) – 80%;
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – 10%;
  • EOS - 3.3%;
  • TCH - 3.20%;
  • ZRX, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ether (ETH) - about 3% in equal shares.

Coin Tiger Labs

This is a search and support for promising projects that offer their crypto-coin for sale. Before providing support, CoinTiger adheres to its requirements - the project must exist for at least 3 years, with good potential for investors and have a well-thought-out technical base, as well as an independent team.

What will CoinTiger Labs give in return?

  • Strategic planning and start-up capital;
  • Advisor on financing and phased investment in the project;
  • Operational services and complete tech. support;
  • Planning and control of liquidity in the secondary market;
  • Support in various media;
  • Designing economic models for the blockchain.
Coin Tiger Labs
Coin Tiger Labs

IEO and TCH cryptocoin

CoinTiger created its coin (TCH) to attract potential customers, traders and investors. But the main purpose is to buy votes to promote new tokens in the rankings.

TCH Features:

  • Buying votes for new crypto coins;
  • Possibility to sell the coin at a higher price;
  • Paying commissions with TCH gives a 50% discount;
  • Buying and selling coins for fiat.

At the moment, cryptocurrency can be bought for yuan and dollar.

Available coins for buying and selling:

  • Stable-coin USDT (Tether) is the equivalent of USD;
  • TCH (Tiger Cash) is a cryptocoin of the CoinTiger exchange;
  • BitCNY is a stable coin of the Chinese yuan.
TCH coin
TCH coin

CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has every chance of moving into the TOP-5 crypto exchanges. The systematic increase in trading volumes and the number of crypto coins in the listing makes CoinTiger attractive to most clients.

Cryptocurrency futures

Traditional futures appeared almost 100 years ago, but cryptocurrency futures trading became available only recently, at the end of 2017. Since then, many exchanges have become interested in cryptocurrency futures, as they have opened up new opportunities for people to make crypto investments. Today, almost 6,000 cryptocurrencies are available for trading. And this definitely suggests that cryptocurrency trading will be of interest to investors for a long time to come. CoinTiger crypto futures in Nigeria are quite popular.

By futures, we mean not only one of the most traded cryptocurrency derivatives. The futures category covers many established derivatives instruments.

People often confuse futures and options. Therefore, before embarking on futures trading, an investor must acquire the necessary knowledge about asset trading and be aware of the associated risks.

What are cryptocurrency futures?

With cryptocurrency futures, traders gain access to digital currencies without having to own a real asset.

The tool resembles stock indices or futures contracts for commodities – when an investor can take on the risks of the cryptocurrency value. In accordance with the agreement, the trader uses cash, but does not trade in cryptocurrency in the truest sense of the word.

Trading contracts represent a value equivalent to a particular cryptocurrency. And, as we said, when trading futures, you don't own digital assets.

The main feature of cryptocurrency futures trading is the ability to protect against negative price changes and extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies, be it bitcoin or ether. The high volatility of digital currencies allows traders to buy assets at low prices, putting them up for sale when the value rises, and vice versa.

Cryptocurrency futures trading is available on derivatives trading platforms. Trading in cryptocurrency futures, like spot trading, is conducted around the clock.

Traders should carefully manage risk due to the high volatility of derivatives trading. Also, it is important to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency futures before investing in them.

CoinTiger crypto futures trading
CoinTiger crypto futures trading


Leverage is what makes the futures market so attractive to traders. Leverage allows you to use capital in the futures market with maximum efficiency. For example, to buy 1 BTC in the spot market, you will need thousands of dollars, depending on market prices. The futures contract will allow you to open a bitcoin futures position by paying only a fraction of the cost. This is possible only when using leverage. The more leverage, the less money you need to invest in a position. Leverage is not available in spot trading. Let's say you have $5,000 in your spot wallet. In this case, you will only be able to buy coins worth $5,000.

Margin (initial and maintenance)

An initial margin is required to enter a position in the market. This means that opening another position will require an appropriate margin. In turn, the maintenance margin is the minimum amount necessary for an investor to maintain an open trading position. The maintenance margin is constantly monitored, which helps to keep track of the use of collateral. If a trader reaches the maintenance margin limit, his position will be liquidated.

Funding rate

Cryptocurrency futures settlement is different from traditional futures contracts. Therefore, exchanges need a system that can ensure that index and futures prices converge on a regular basis. This mechanism is called the funding rate. Funding rates are calculated based on the price difference between the spot and futures markets. Investors pay for financing or receive payments on it depending on open market positions.

Funding rates can cause negative consequences for traders. For example, if the funding rate rises in an overheated bull market, it will be too expensive for traders to hold long positions.

How to trade futures contracts on CoinTiger?

Starting CoinTiger crypto futures trading is quite easy.

How to start trading?

  • Go to CoinTiger , click "Register";
  • Enter your mobile phone or email address and fill in the information;
  • Enter the verification code and complete the registration.
Registration form
Registration form

How to deposit?

  • Log in to the official website of CoinTiger: Click "Funds" - "Deposit" in the upper right corner.
  • Choose which coin you want to deposit, for example, ETH.
Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw?

  • Go to the CoinTiger website. Click "Funds" - "Balance", go to the withdrawal page;
  • Select the withdrawal token (ETH), click "Add Address Management" - "Add Address" and fill in the appropriate fields;
  • Specify the withdrawal amount, verification code, asset password and other available information, click "Submit" after double verification.


Derivatives, including futures, enable traders to speculate on future asset prices. Today, many exchanges allow you to trade crypto derivatives, and knowing the basics of derivatives will help you to achieve serious success in this direction. CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives trading can be profitable if you have the right knowledge and a risk management strategy to prevent serious losses. Therefore, before you start trading CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives, you need to develop such a strategy, conduct a thorough analysis, and understand the benefits and risks of this instrument.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose