The popularity of the decentralised exchange Uniswap is breaking records - it is the platform that tops the Ethereum (ETH) network in terms of resource spending on commissions. Furthermore, the number of users is constantly growing, which is the best proof that the cryptocurrency community needs Uniswap. Let's understand what this platform is and why it is so popular.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralised exchange based on Ethereum (these exchanges are called DEX). You can buy, sell or exchange any token of the ERC-20 standard, i.e. issued on the Ethereum blockchain. 

To better understand how Uniswap works, let's look at how the Uniswap platform works. 

How to buy Uniswap cryptocurrency?
How to buy Uniswap cryptocurrency?

 History of Uniswap

The creators of Uniswap were inspired by Vitalik Buterin's Automated Market Maker (AMM) concept. The concept of automated liquidity providers made the creation and success of decentralised platforms possible.

In 2016, Buterin published on Reddit the idea of the project and several ideas for its technical implementation.

Hayden Adams, a former Siemens mechanical engineer, took on the idea. He began developing Uniswap and later received several grants to implement the platform from the Ethereum Foundation.

The exchange itself was introduced to the world in 2018. And in April 2019, Uniswap received $1000000 for development from investment company Paradigm.

In May 2020, Uniswap V2 was released, making the exchange more reliable and secure for users.

Information about cryptocurrency Uniswap
Information about cryptocurrency Uniswap

What are Uniswap tokens (UNI)?

If you want to buy Uniswap, always try to learn as much as possible about the coveted cryptocurrency. Let's talk more about Uniswap tokens (UNI), with which the exchange rewards liquidity providers. This token is the exchange's coin and generates revenue for its owners. UNI also provides an opportunity to manage the development of the service by voting for specific changes within the platform. The holders of these tokens determine the mechanism for distributing coins to community members and developers.

The token was released in September 2020 and allowed Uniswap to put some of the exchange management into the hands of users. Thus, the community's level of trust in Uniswap and the site's rating have increased.

Trading conditions for the purchase of Uniswap
Trading conditions for the purchase of Uniswap

How does Uniswap work?

Uniswap is a decentralised exchange and allows traders to trade directly. That means that all the transactions are conducted between users' wallets without third-party involvement.

This is made possible through the use of smart contracts. 

Smart Contracts are computer protocols or, more simply, computer code. Such contracts automatically monitor the execution of all transaction terms and, without human intervention, make decisions on their performance and completion. The simplest example is the automated sale of tokens during an ICO or an exchange website. The smart contract itself tracks the receipt of funds from the user and transfers tokens to the user, calculating the number of tokens based on the coin price. No human involvement is required here, which eliminates the possibility of manipulation, price changes, etc.

Uniswap platform works:

  • No need to register on the website;
  • No need to open an account; 
  • No need to provide documents and confirm your identity; 
  • No need to transfer money to the exchange.

You make transactions directly from your wallet. Then, the funds are sent to a smart contract, which automatically completes the transaction, transferring coins to you and your counterparty your funds. 

There is another critical difference between Uniswap and centralised exchanges. Here, users do not create an order and wait for a seller or buyer to appear who agrees to the transaction terms. Instead, transactions between users and Uniswap are instant, and coin rates are the same for all buyers and sellers. There is no bid and offer book because the exchange works on a different principle, using liquidity providers. This means that if you put a token up for sale but no one wants to buy it right now, the transaction will still be completed. Your token will remain on the exchange's smart contract until a buyer shows up and you get paid for it immediately. Again, this is made possible because the exchange uses liquidity providers.

UNI functions 

If you want to buy UNI, clarify the functions of that cryptocurrency. 

UNI token holders have complete control over the network and its development. Developers have left space for the community to experiment: At their discretion, users can launch grants, fund product development, and apply token stocks in any other way they see fit. The developers have called this a "long-term, radically responsible approach to governance". 

The community gets to set Uniswap commissions through voting. Community members are also responsible for ensuring that the project operates by regulatory requirements. They can bring in legal and regulatory experts before making changes to the project's operation. Members of the development team will not deal with these issues directly but may delegate their votes to community members. In doing so, they must not influence decisions. 

Ownership of 1% of the UNI cryptocurrency gives the right to sign up to put an issue to a vote. 4% of tokens entitles them to vote 'yes' when a decision is made. Those who do not have that amount of UNI can delegate their tokens to another network member. The voting for each question lasts for seven days.

Choosing a cryptocurrency
Choosing a cryptocurrency

Ways of getting UNI

So, if you want to earn and buy Uniswap in Nigeria, there are several ways. 

Token holders are not available for classic PoW mining using farms, but they can make a profit by acting as a liquidity provider. 

It is also possible to buy Uniswap through an exchange or exchanger.

1. UNI mining.

The first way to invest in Uniswap in Nigeria is by mining. 

This is not coin mining in the classic sense. Liquidity mining is based on the principle that any user can become an LP, place their crypto coins in a pool by locking them up for a specific period of time and receive commissions for doing so. DEX needs the deposit to keep it running and allow investors, traders to make transactions.

Once any transaction is completed, the sender is charged a fee. In V3 version the amount is 0.05%, 0.3% or 1%, in V2 it is 0.3%. The community can add other levels of fees by first gathering a quorum and getting majority support.

The commission is allocated to the LPs in the pool where the transaction occurred, proportioning to their contribution. Thus, connect one of the eligible wallets to DEX to start earning passive income.

2. Buy on an exchange or through an exchanger.

Another way to get cryptocurrency is to buy on an exchange or through an exchanger. 

Tokens are traded on all popular centralised platforms, including the Binance exchange. You can also buy UNI through the decentralised exchange project Uniswap (V1, V2, V3) or other DEX: PancakeSwap (V2), Sushiswap.

Third-party sites allow exchanging fiat currencies or crypto-assets for UNI coins. This method is less secure, but you can use popular e-wallets, payment services and bank cards to make purchases.

Popular cryptocurrency
Popular cryptocurrency

3. Investing.

If you do a timeline review of the Uniswap crypto coin, you will see that its price has risen by 6836%+ since its launch. This means that the first investors have already made impressive profits. If the market conditions are favourable, as DEX Uniswap becomes more popular, expands and implements updates, the value of its native token will also rise.

4. Trading.

Trading is the most popular way to earn money on Uniswap. 

The price of a token is significantly influenced by external factors and updates and changes within the system. As a result, its rate is highly volatile, which makes it attractive to traders. Slot trading is available to users on most exchanges, with more than 20 venues also allowing for leveraged trading. The most popular instrument is CFDs. 

CFD stands for Contract for Difference and is a contract between two parties - the buyer and the seller. The essence of the contract is that the positive difference between the opening and closing price of a particular financial instrument is paid by the seller to the buyer, and the buyer pays the negative contrast to the seller. The contract also stipulates the time at which the difference is determined. 

CFD was invented by English brokers, who decided to interest their clients in trading stocks without paying a special tax. Formally, making a deal with CFD was not a deal with shares and was not liable to tax. Then the CFD became an ideal tool for those who did not have the opportunity to enter the market, for example, due to a lack of funds.

Register on the investment platform
Register on the investment platform

How to buy UNI right now? 

If you want to start earning and don't want to wait, the first step is to choose a reliable broker. In order to trade on most exchanges, the following conditions must be met: 

  • Register on the website.
  • Pass KYC (confirm your identity and provide the exchange with documents).
  • Open an account.

Many exchanges give their users a chance to trade on a demo account with virtual money. This helps traders to learn the basic functions of the exchange without the risk of losing money. 

  • Don't want to wait and start earning now? Deposit the minimum amount and start real trading now! Learn and earn. 
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose