Why did the OmiseGo project come about? 

Due to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies around the world, investors often need to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money, but this is associated with difficulties, since various exchange services have to be used for this, in which the commission for such operations is very high. Also, cryptocurrency in most countries is not regulated at the legislative level, so almost no bank works with these assets. As a result, ICO projects with an alternative payment system began to appear, the task of which is to unite the real and digital economy, and one of the best projects with this concept is OmiseGo.

OmiseGo project
OmiseGo project

What is the OmiseGo project? 

OmiseGo is not just a platform, a cryptocurrency, but a whole decentralized financial system.

The founders of OmiseGo originally wanted to create a single decentralized system that would combine all digital and fiat currencies, where transactions are instant and the commission is minimal. At the same time, it was necessary to create such conditions so that every network user could use this platform without any difficulties.

Such a development immediately attracted a lot of investors in the market and now OmiseGo is a fairly large blockchain company with a large capitalization.

Also, the OmiseGo project is interesting to investors for its high profitability. The price growth history shows that the OMG coin was very cheap in mid-2017 - only $ 0.55 per share, and at the beginning of January 2018 the price for one digital share of OmiseGo was already as much as $ 20.75.

And those who invested their capital in this asset on time were able to earn more than 3800% in a fairly short period of time.

The OmiseGo cryptocurrency was able to maintain its price position at rather high values ​​even when many assets in the cryptocurrency market fell in value several times. Then the price of one OMG coin was able to reach the $ 20 mark.

Based on this, it turns out that the OmiseGo cryptocurrency can also be considered a fairly reliable asset for preserving investments. Investors who kept their savings in this currency were able to save their investments almost in full during 3 months of the market correction.

It can be concluded that OmiseGo is a very promising and attractive project that has its own unique idea and development concept.

The story behind OmiseGo 

Omise was established in 2013 in Thailand. She has worked to create non-cash payment services for traditional currencies. But in 2017, the project team assessed the capabilities of cryptocurrencies, especially in the field of international transactions, and decided to develop a decentralized platform and called it OmiseGo.

Since the company already had a lot of experience in the payments field, it decided to take care of the main problems of cryptocurrencies that hinder their development and acceptance in society. The team focused on decentralization, product scaling and transaction speed.

The OmiseGo platform was based on the Ethereum blockchain, and the OMG cryptocurrency was launched.

The OmiseGo ICO (pre-sale of tokens to raise investment) began in June 2017, and about 25 million were raised in the process.

In early June 2020, OmiseGo was rebranded, which resulted in the project being called OMG Network. This move allowed the general public to learn about both the platform and the OMG cryptocurrency.

OmiseGo network
OmiseGo network

How does OmiseGo work? 

OmiseGo is a decentralized public platform that is designed to allow members of the system to freely use various digital wallets and transfer, exchange with each other in real time absolutely any currencies.

In general, OmiseGo can be called a special cryptocurrency-fiat exchanger that allows you to conveniently make payments, trade cryptocurrencies, invest in OmiseGo, exchange fiat money into digital money, conduct commercial transactions and much more.

Transactions in the OmiseGo system are confirmed using the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, whereby the user has the opportunity to be rewarded with digital coins of the system depending on the status of their personal cryptocurrency account.

The OmiseGo System Benefits 

Among the main advantages of OmiseGo are the following:

  • Speed ​​of payments.
  • Lack of control over payments by the state. The advantage is for those users who want to minimize taxes and do not want to disclose their profit patterns. But, as a result of this option, the system may have conflicts with individual countries and this will affect the growth rate of its cost.
  • Reduced commission. The amount charged during payments is significantly less than in conventional payment systems.
  • Security. At the Ethereum level, security is maintained using a decentralized network, observers and smart contracts.
OmiseGo (OMG): current information
OmiseGo (OMG): current information

OmiseGo Tokens 

OmiseGO tokens allow their holders to obtain rights to transaction verification fees and serve as an incentive for them to participate in the development of the project. Such a system is a decentralized exchange service embedded in the blockchain, with consensus rules allowing deep interoperability with most other blockchains, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The network checks the activity of the behavior of all participants (including activity in other chains). In other words, the role of the OMG token is to provide computation and enforcement mechanisms.

You can buy OMG on most cryptocurrency exchanges. The coin is traded on more than 130 platforms - this is a lot and speaks of a strong position in the market.

How to buy OmiseGo?
How to buy OmiseGo?

How to Invest in OmiseGo in Nigeria? 

There are several options to purchase OMG tokens. For example, if you are an experienced user or are just going to buy cryptocurrency for the first time, you can use the services of exchanges. You can buy OmiseGo on the exchange through a crypto wallet. 

The Proof-of-Stake protocol that OMG Network runs on does not provide for mining. The more tokens you store in your wallet, the more likely you are to take part in the procedure for creating a new block, and receive a reward for this.

It is also possible to purchase OMG through the platform. The online platform uses CFD trading.

Invest in OmiseGo in Nigeria
Invest in OmiseGo in Nigeria

Trading CFD contracts through the platform 

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs (Contracts for Difference) is a new way to trade in the cryptocurrency market. The ability to work with them is the main feature of any trader, both beginner and experienced.

The CFD, which is reduced to CFDs, is the most profitable instrument on the exchanges, which allows you to make quick money with a minimum of free money and does not burden the participants with property rights. The overwhelming majority of exchange transactions are carried out using the CFD scheme.

Trading CFDs allows you to open a position at the future value of an asset, therefore CFDs are very flexible and allow you to trade depending on which direction you think the market will move: up or down - while you never actually own assets.

Benefits of CFD contracts 

The main advantages of CFDs include:

  • Availability of leverage. The trader gets the opportunity to work with funds that are several times larger than their own coverage. In order to start, you need to replenish the deposit for the required amount. The rest of the money is provided as a kind of loan;
  • A large number of assets. CFD trading allows you to work with a wide range of financial instruments. A trader has the opportunity to diversify his portfolio at the expense of diversified assets;
  • Opportunities for hedging risks. CFDs are very often used as a tool to insure risks in the markets.
Availability of leverage
Availability of leverage

How do I buy OmiseGo? 

The only way to become the owner of OMG today is to buy coins on the exchange. The first thing you need to do is create an account. Under your account in the search, enter the OMG ticker and select the currency you want. The next step is to create an OMG sell or buy order. After choosing the order type, specify the amount. After all this, click "Buy" or "Sell". After these steps, you become the owner of OmiseGo in Nigeria.

Why buy OmiseGo in Nigeria? 

The OmiseGo project is now a very interesting option for investing your funds. Moreover, its main perspective lies in two components: an idea and a serious community.

OmiseGo's vision is fundamental and forward-looking. If the developers are able to realize all their plans, then a huge part of investors will certainly be interested in this project. Moreover, it is worth noting that previously the creators of the project have already successfully completed all their plans on time, so you can trust OmiseGo and believe in the implementation of the tasks set.

The development team, as well as large strategic investors in OmiseGo, are another component of the success of this project. Users, seeing well-known personalities from the world of cryptocurrencies, begin to trust the company more and, accordingly, invest their money in it, which, as a result, will certainly affect the total capitalization of OmiseGo and its further development.

OmiseGo : trading conditions
OmiseGo : trading conditions

Cryptanalysts who assess the prospects for blockchain projects also expect the value of this company's token to rise in the future. 

This is to be expected given all the factors and benefits of OmiseGo.

At the moment, having bought the OMG cryptocurrency at a reduced price, after the resumption of the upward trend, OMG tokens will begin to grow rapidly in price, approaching their initial maximum value. And then they will overcome this mark.

Thus, on OmiseGo you can make a profit in a relatively short period of time. And if you save OMG tokens for a longer period, then a profit with a large percentage will be provided to you.

So, using a long-term strategy and buying OMG coins now at a reduced price, you can be successful in increasing your capital.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose