In today's world, internet technology is spreading at a staggering rate.

It is now widely used in many areas and helps to store, transmit and accumulate useful and important information.

With the help of internet technology, people interact with each other, work, study and even use the internet for trading purposes.

Online commerce is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

We no longer need to visit a company office or a bank branch where we would like to invest our money. Now all transactions are available online, no matter where we are at the moment.

Let's take a look at how you can invest in Baidu shares in Nigeria.

Baidu:  company summary 

Baidu is a Chinese company that provides web services, chief among them the search engine of the same name, which is the leader among Chinese search engines. Globally, the company is the fourth largest search engine with a share of 1.06%. The Chinese market accounts for 98% of the company's revenues.

The history of Baidu began in 2000. Founders Eric Xu and Robin Li successfully raised billions of dollars in investment from Chinese businessmen. Their goal was to create an internet company that would be as good as its American competitors. The exact founding date is January 12, 2010, when the domain name was registered.

Baidu is headquartered in Beijing and registered in the Cayman Islands.

Baidu is the leading artificial intelligence company in China. It invests 21% of its revenues in research and development in the field.

And it certainly has the advantage of operating in the country with the largest population. After all, the more data, the more effectively artificial intelligence learns.

The Chinese search engine Baidu is now one of the most famous in the world. It is second to Google in the number of search queries it processes, but surpasses Bing.

In addition to web search, Baidu provides many other services.

Among these are promising new areas such as unmanned robot taxis and electric cars. The popular Baidu App offers services such as games, short video newsletters, maps, an encyclopedia, a disease diagnostic app, cloud computing, a social network and more.

The company is currently showing reasonably good financial results. As of December 2020, Chinese search engine Baidu employed about 41,000 people, and more than half of them were engaged in development and research.

In the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest public companies for 2019, Baidu ranked 297th including 186th by market capitalization, 181st by net profit and 675th by turnover.

For 2020, the company posted a net profit of more than $3 billion. In the last quarter, the internet company earned $351 million, a net profit 152% higher than analysts' expectations.

At the time of writing, Baidu's share price is $203.25.

Baidu also plans to expand its offerings in emerging Chinese markets. The company wants to release its own Android app.

As Baidu is growing fast and has many ambitious plans for the future, investor interest in it is certainly increasing.

Baidu shares information
Baidu shares information

How to invest in Baidu shares in Nigeria? 

How to invest in Baidu shares in Nigeria is another question that most potential investors ask. Many see Baidu as an ideal place to invest, especially in the current market environment.

Baidu's IPO took place in August 2005 on the US stock exchange NASDAQ.

The shares of the Chinese issuer are now also traded on the Mexican, Hamburg, Vienna and other stock exchanges.

As mentioned earlier, the company has many  businesses, and even if one of them becomes a loss-making business, the company will profit from other activities.

First, decide for how long you want to invest in Baidu shares? Do you want to sell them in the future, or do you plan to use them for a long-term investment? 

If you are going to hold Baidu stock for the long term, you need to study fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis takes an in-depth look at information about the company's current state, its outlook, the materials the company publishes about itself, and its financial earnings reports.

Use company news for fundamental analysis
Use company news for fundamental analysis

After studying the results of this analysis, a composition of the investment portfolio is determined. It selects stocks of companies with stable financial and economic indicators and with high potential for further development.Invest in shares of companies from several countries and sectors. When money is spread across different companies, falls in some stocks are offset by gains in others.

Baidu is a good choice for your portfolio.

An investment in Baidu shares in Nigeria can also make you money over a short period of time. Short-term investing is investing in investments for up to one year, with the aim of raising money quickly. In this case, you need to study technical analysis. It involves studying charts, indicators and so on.

The CFD method is especially popular with traders nowadays.

CFD or Contract for Difference is a financial instrument that allows you to profit from the price movement of an asset without having to own the asset itself.

It is a tradable contract between the seller and the buyer that allows you to exchange the difference between the current value of a stock or other instrument and its value at the end of the contract.

The trader's main task here is to correctly predict the price of the asset. If the prediction is correct, the trader will make a profit - moreover, even if the price falls, but only if the indicator was exactly on the decline.

If you decide to use Baidu stock as an investment, then you need to make sure that you have enough capital to build a good portfolio.  If you don't have the necessary funds, it's wise to use leverage.

Leverage is a brokerage service which is a loan of money, securities, which is given to a trader to make a trade.

Many people use various online investment platforms to grow their portfolio. Buying shares through an online platform will be one of the easiest ways.

Using a stock brokerage site is the best way for inexperienced people to figure out how to invest in Baidu shares in Nigeria, as they can start with small amounts. However, you should keep in mind that the buying price of Baidu shares can change quite quickly, and you should definitely take this into account before making an investment.

Stocks are a great financial tool to help you make money. You can use them to achieve your goals, create a source of passive income, or simply protect your money from inflation.

Invest in Baidu Shares
Invest in Baidu Shares

How to buy Baidu shares in Nigeria?

Today, the most popular way to buy shares is through an online trading platform. When registering on which you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. The registration procedure won't take you long at all. You will have access to video tutorials, chats with other investors, data charts, quotes, etc.

Baidu is well known among stock traders in Nigeria. You can find out how to buy Baidu shares through this trading platform by opening a free demo account, where you will automatically have virtual money in the amount set for this platform. You are reminded that this is not real money, and you will not be able to withdraw or cash it out. With a demo account you will start to learn the many functions of the terminal, make your first trades and most importantly not lose your money.

Registrations on the trading platform
Registrations on the trading platform

A demo account is a great way to try a new trading strategy, identify all of its advantages and disadvantages, perform a complete analysis and get everything perfect before you sign up for a live account.

The simple procedure of opening a demo account gives you plenty of practice without the fear of repercussions. You'll get plenty of experience and a glimpse of the market, so your first steps into real trading won't be daunting at all.

Choose a practice demo account to start with
Choose a practice demo account to start with

As you move onto a real account, you will need to make a deposit based on the minimum amount set on the platform. Normally, the starting amount is just a few dollars.

A real trading account is a personal trading account opened by a client at a brokerage company, through which the client gains access to trading on the financial markets.

The funds transferred by the client are on his trading account, accordingly, all profits he makes from trading operations will also be credited in real money to the same account.

Account replenishment
Account replenishment

To conclude our review, let's talk about the risks.

It is no secret that any investment always involves risk.

No one will give you a guarantee, but if you know your goals and follow the right principles, you can increase your chances of success.

It is important to be psychologically prepared for possible losses and failures.

Always consider the political, economic and even environmental situation in the country and in the world.

Also, always choose a reputable and reliable brokerage company to avoid risks as much as possible.

The platform is high quality and professional, you can access the exchange directly and there are no problems with the technical side of trading. Modern software is up and running, and you can always access information about current stock prices and see price charts.

You will have access to free video-education, and you can communicate with other participants, etc.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose