Generating a passive income is something that every financially literate person strives for. The topic of investing for novice investors usually starts with the question 'Why invest in online investing'. The answer is simple - to improve your financial situation and prevent inflation from destroying your capital. By not investing, you are not only missing out on an opportunity to potentially increase your income, but you are also effectively reducing what you already have. You can increase your capital by investing in various assets: stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, funds, commodities, currencies, futures and options. The advantages of investing online are: easy and fast transactions; the ability to start with a minimum investment; a wide range of investments; and the ability to invest from anywhere. 

Modern trading platforms are constantly being improved by developers to provide traders with more and better services. An advanced trading platform is a powerful tool in the hands of an online investor. Therefore, choosing a quality trading platform is one of the main tasks for a trader. 

Let's consider what features you should pay attention to when choosing a trading platform. 

The topic of our short review is the advanced trading platform in Nigeria.

Advanced trading platform in Nigeria
Advanced trading platform in Nigeria

Online advanced trading platform in Nigeria 

The most convenient way to trade online is through an advanced trading platform intuitive, carefully designed and designed for traders of all levels. Among the main advantages: user-friendly interface, full-fledged support, lightning-fast order execution. After registration the trader gets access to a personal cabinet. There you can find information about your personal data, history of depositing and withdrawing funds, balance and trading history, as well as support service. The overall portfolio has everything you need for the most efficient result: market and pending orders, take profit and stop loss, partial close, deal history and charts. You can open, close and edit a trade with just one click. You can buy and sell assets in seconds and make informed decisions based on market sentiment. Accurate data can be gleaned from other traders' decisions as well as technical or fundamental analysis. On most advanced platforms you can connect profit and loss notifications, pending trades, price alerts, deal alerts on risky areas and much more. A 24-hour support desk and user chat rooms are available, where members share their experiences about trades. There is a leaderboard that shows the ranking by the number of profitable trades closed during the week. For market analysis is available information about each asset: price, change during the session, traders' mood, latest news, upcoming earnings reports, trading conditions. Traders can place pending buy and sell positions even if the market is closed. They will open automatically as soon as the desired asset is available. Finally, there's a training section for beginners. You can learn everything from opening an account and verifying your account to options trading, margin trading, technical and fundamental analysis. 

Advanced trading platforms allow you to create stop orders
Advanced trading platforms allow you to create stop orders

Criteria for an effective trading platform:  

  • Easy quick registration.  
  • Multilingual support 24/7.  
  • Wide range of options for working with your deposit.  
  • Free training programs with remote learning of basic trading techniques.  
  • Good selection of tools to help you make trades and take control of the situation.  
  • Flexible trading options allowing detailed configuration of open positions.  
  • Advanced data encryption technology that guarantees security of funds and personal information.  
  • The high speed of the software shell ensuring immediate response to manual operation.  
  • Bonus programs to save money and get rewards.  
  • Minimal broker commission - narrow spreads.  
  • Availability of real-time quotes charts and analytical forecasts from experienced traders.  
  • Authenticity and relevance of information. 
Advanced trading platforms include a tutorial section
Advanced trading platforms include a tutorial section

How to register on the platform? 

The registration process is as simple as possible and can be handled by anyone who has dealt with social media. To create an account, enter your email and a password. The button "Open a demo account" will appear in your personal area. 

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

Click on it and a certain amount of money will be deposited to your virtual account. You can use a demo account:  

  • To get to know the trading platform and the nature of the trading market. You may study charts, make market observations and analyse shares.  
  • To get to know the financial instruments that you will be trading. You will be able to test each of them and understand how they work.   
  • To hone your technical skills. This is important when in real trading you do not have time to think of actions and speed of reaction is important.
  • To test your trading strategy. You can see how your strategy will work, its advantages and disadvantages, to bring it to an ideal state. 
Open a demo account
Open a demo account

A real account 

In order to start the process of trading with real money and earning on the exchange, you must first open an account and credit your deposit. This can be done in several ways: by bank transfer, electronic payment system wallet, credit card, etc. For payment please login to your personal cabinet, choose the way of payment and enter the amount. The system gives traders tips on how to make the payments: following them, the operation will be done quickly, and the money will be in the account instantly. 

Different ways of payment transactions
Different ways of payment transactions

Market analysis software 

One of the main tasks of investing capital is to try to find financial instruments that can increase or at least maintain one's investment. Large investors, medium-sized players and small speculators try in various ways to anticipate the future and predict future market dynamics. To make investments efficiently, you have to make stock market analyses which are implemented in an investment strategy. There are two main approaches, technical and fundamental analysis, which complement each other. Technical analysis is based on the evaluation of price time series in the form of charts with different timeframes. 

The tools and methods of technical analysis are very varied, but the principle is the same: by analysing time series by identifying trends, it is possible to predict how prices will behave in the future. 

"Japanese candlesticks" are the most popular and effective type of price charting in the stock market today.  

There are two groups of candlestick patterns: reversal patterns and trend continuation patterns. The main reversal combinations of Japanese candlesticks are: 'inverted hammer', 'bullish absorption', 'hammer', 'morning star', 'shooting star', 'bearish absorption', 'hung'. The main continuation combinations include "windows", "tasuki splits". In addition, tools such as indicators and oscillators are also used. Technical indicators are a certain average of the price parameter, on the basis of which it is possible to predict the tendency of price movement in the future. Oscillators in their turn are usually used when price moves within a relatively narrow "market band" ("sideways"). Some of the best known and most commonly used indicators and oscillators are RSI, MACD, Momentum, Stochastics and ADX.  

Use of indicators
Use of indicators

A trader carries out technical analysis to identify the best conditions for opening a position in the market, i.e. buying and selling assets.  

By studying the behavior of the stock market in general and the dynamics of specific assets, traders usually guess where quotations will go next. But in practice often insignificant price fluctuations cannot be indicative of trends. It requires analysis of the general market situation, the state of affairs of the issuer, as well as the experience gained from analysing the behaviour of similar assets in the past. Fundamental analysis is used to examine the financial and economic health of industries, individual companies and their investment attractiveness. Companies are attractive if their shares are sustainable in the long term and the companies themselves have development potential. Fundamental analysis is used to determine with a high degree of certainty the real or "fair" value of securities. In fundamental analysis, a more in-depth examination is made of a company's financial and economic condition, its prospects for development and the documents that it publishes about itself. Two main methods are most commonly used to determine the 'fair' value of a stock: the comparison with similar companies and the discounted cash flow (DCF) method. The first valuation method is based on a comparison with similar businesses for which transaction prices or the market value of their shares are available. The second is based on the assumption that the value of an enterprise is determined on the basis of a forecast of the cash flows that the organisation is likely to receive in the future. 

Fundamental analysis, therefore, allows you to understand whether assets are currently undervalued or overvalued, i.e. whether they should be included in your long-term investment portfolio now. 

Study the news for fundamental analysis
Study the news for fundamental analysis

These methods complement each other very well, and their simultaneous application gives you a complete picture of the market situation and a more precise estimate of future price movement.  

How to trade safely? 

An advanced trading platform offers additional features, security for your trades and comfort. However, it is not a guarantee of successful trading. It all depends on your personal strategy, your awareness of the topic and your prudence and caution in the transactions you make.

A few simple rules that beginner investors should learn to avoid disappointment at first:

  • Decide how much you want to invest. Of course, the higher the investment, the more substantial your passive income will be. But remember that risk and return are directly related. The immutable rule of the stock market, and business in general, is that the more you risk, the higher the return. This means that the most attractive offers can quickly make you rich or rob you of your entire investment. It is therefore important to assess whether you can take that risk and whether your budget can withstand such losses. 
  • Invest only in areas that you know well. For example, a realtor knows about real estate, not agriculture or heavy industry. It therefore makes sense for him or her to deal specifically with residential or commercial real estate. For investments choose financial markets that you are familiar with or very interested in.
  • Invest regularly. It is not enough to invest only once. Profits must be reinvested, and then the financial instrument will earn compound interest over time. That's how even a modest start-up capital will turn into a good passive income. 
  • Diversify your funds. Allocate them into different assets.  Investing only in one financial instrument is too risky. Do not believe the pushy and aggressive advertisements that promise you millions in a week. Miracles don't happen and you won't be able to grow a money tree from an empty field. The amount of money you earn depends entirely on the investment method and the amount invested. It is possible to earn nothing and lose your capital completely, but it is also possible to make super profits even with a minimal investment.

Choose an advanced trading platform, learn, develop your own trading strategy and let your trades bring you only profit!

Right now you can open a free demo account and try for yourself all the advantages of the advanced trading platform. 

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose