100 no deposit bonus for binary options

What Are Binary Options?

Classic options have long been familiar to beginners and seasoned stock market players alike and have been around for hundreds of years. Binary options are their derivative. They have gained popularity relatively recently, but quickly gained a foothold as a way to make quick and steady money in the market. Despite the similarities with forex trading, these options have their own peculiarities. Let's look at their main features and find out what bonuses and privileges you can get with these contracts.

Binary options are an electronic mechanism that allows you to make money by predicting changes in the price of marketable assets. Simply put, a binary option is a bet on whether the price will go up or down.

Popular markets for binary options trading
Popular markets for binary options trading

The essence of the trade is that the trader chooses the direction of the price movement of the asset being traded. The important condition is the time. For example, a 2-minute order opens in the up direction on EUR/USD. If by the end of the expiration time (in 2 minutes) the price goes up, the player makes a profit, if not, he loses the bet. The bottom line is simple, but the successful trader understands that in order to get consistent high profits, you need to learn how to trade binary options. To do so, learn the basics and the terms.

Expiration- the time frame in which your trade will end, and the results will be calculated.

Time frames can vary from 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 15 minutes etc. up to a year. The most popular expiry time is 1-5 minutes.

The Main Types of Binary Options

In this kind of dealing, there is a general rule - there are only two possible outcomes.  But they also have different execution conditions.

  • Call / Put Options - predicts the direction of price movement relative to the price at the time of buying the option. If the price is expected to rise - call option is bought. If the price is expected to fall - you buy a Put option.
  • One Touch / No Touch-options - prices are expected to reach a certain level (One Touch) or fail to reach it (No Touch) before expiration. After the price reaches the level set, the further direction of movement is not important.
  • In / Out (range)-options - predicts a corridor in which the price will move to the moment of expiration (In-Option) or the price exit outside the corridor (Out-Option).
  • Pair options. This type implies that the trader opens transactions in two assets. Respectively, to make a profit here it is necessary to analyse not one, but two different assets. And it is not just to forecast the possible future price movement, but to determine which asset will change in price more.
  • Ladder. Probably the most profitable types of binary options today. There is a large number of levels, located not far from the price and from each other. The challenge for the trader is to determine which way the price of the asset will go and the likely level it can reach. If you have chosen the furthest level, then the price, reaching the first or second level, is fixed as a profit. So if it goes further in your direction, you can take all of your profit. If the price reaches at least the first level and turns around, then at the end of the option you will still make a profit, in the amount fixed at the first level. And so on.

Start with the classic type and then move on to more complex variations, as experienced players will advise you.

How much money do I need to start trading options?

Thanks to the Internet, anyone over the age of 18 can start trading binary options today. High competition among brokers made binary trading possible even from as little as $10. It is up to you to decide how much to deposit (depending on your possibilities). Start with an amount you can afford. It may be $10 or $250.

The more your initial investment, the more you will earn.

Level of profit and stability depends on many factors:

  • The type of option;
  • The strategy you choose; 
  • Your trading habits;
  • Trader's knowledge and skills;
  • Volatility;
  • Order parameters (amount, duration, etc.);
  • Broker's fees.

But there is one thing all trades have in common - it is fast and easy returns in a short period of time. Typically, the return on a single trade ranges from 15% to 95%. The percentage of profitability set by many brokers can vary during the day. The following factors influence the variation:

  • The presence of a pronounced trend in the market, making it easier to predict, reduces the percentage.
  • A large increase in volatility. This is strongly influenced by the opening of trading floors and sessions. During the European session, brokers with dynamic rates tend to raise the percentage of payments on major pairs.
  • The appearance of a flat (corridor) makes it harder to predict, so the percentage goes up.

To earn more, look for a trade with a high payout percentage, it is listed next to the up/down buttons, then place the correct bet and make a profit!

Which assets to choose and how to analyse them?

In the financial market, an asset is any object that has a certain value, which can be expressed in monetary terms.

A list of underlying assets in binary options trading is usually not very long. There are four main groups of assets:

  • Currency pairs;
  • Securities;
  • Commodities;
  • Cryptocurrencies.
Choose from a variety of assets to trade
Choose from a variety of assets to trade

You can make an in-depth analysis of an asset or simply look at a live chart, either way some kind of analysis is needed to make a betting decision. This is most often done directly on the platform using charts. Closely related to price analysis on a chart is the concept of a timeframe.

A Timeframe is a specific time frame in which price changes are shown on the chart. It is used to efficiently group and denote the most necessary indicators of quotations - highs, lows of prices and so on. It is used on any type of chart: line, candlestick and for bars.

One of the key concepts when dealing with binary contracts is the volatility of the underlying assets. It is a financial ratio that describes the magnitude of the change in price. Low volatility assets are suitable for long term options, while high volatility assets are more in demand and are what brokers focus on for potential clients.

The most volatile assets are assets such as currency pairs, commodities which have a stable demand and shares of successful companies. Low volatility is seen in the stocks of small companies, indices and national currencies of underdeveloped countries. Such assets are quite rare.

What are Binary Options Bonuses? 

So, binary options are one of the easiest financial products to understand. They work by providing a clear return plan that can be calculated in advance.

Take advantage of your bonus
Take advantage of your bonus

If you have a good amount of money to invest and are looking for a way to make money, binary contracts can be a great way for you to earn money. Online trading with a professional trading platform gives you access to many assets and stocks from all over the world. It is important that you are able to predict market behaviour so that you can bet in the right direction. To make your work more enjoyable and interesting, brokers have developed various bonuses and benefits for their clients.

Binary options bonuses are a way for you, as a trader, to receive extra leverage in the form of funds in your account.

Nowadays almost all top brokers offer the most profitable terms, promotions and gifts for any actions. And for you, it is an opportunity to get into trading on profitable conditions.

The essence of bonuses comes down to obtaining funds, which the trader can use after completing the necessary conditions - registering or conducting a certain number of transactions within the platform, etc. These funds allow traders to start trading and receive real money for it. It is profitable and psychologically comfortable, especially if you are a beginner.

Do you need any bonuses?

If you're serious about trading, a bonus is an opportunity for profitable trading, a chance to earn extra income or minimize your losses.

Generally speaking, bonuses should not put you off, on the contrary, when you're taking your first steps in trading options, a broker's terms and conditions and their special offers are what will allow you to save or take advantage of.

By taking advantage of the bonus and knowing the terms and conditions, you can earn more and start trading with more confidence!

Types of Binary Option Bonuses 

Let us have a look at the types and benefits of the binary options bonuses that most traders enjoy receiving:

  • The most common type of bonus is the "Deposit Bonus". This is probably the most popular type of bonus, as it allows a beginner or novice investor to start trading without having to risk a lot of money. The idea behind this bonus is simple: when a client makes their first deposit, the broker will add a percentage to their capital as a bonus. In some cases the welcome bonus can be as high as 100%, but most often it is in the region of 30-60%.
  • Repeat deposit bonuses. Different brokers have different names for this bonus, but its essence is that for every repeated deposit of funds, the broker adds a certain percentage to your deposit. That is, if the trader decides to add money to his trading account, he will receive any % of additional money. This bonus is less common than the welcome bonus and is usually several times less than that.
  • VIP bonuses. You have to be a really solid trader to receive this kind of bonus. Traders with a deposit of $100,000 or more often receive professional analysis, faster execution speeds, and a personal assistant who will answer your calls and emails in person.
  • Risk-free trades. Employees of brokerage companies understand that newcomers to the market are not yet well versed in trading. Some brokers offer their clients several risk-free transactions to help beginner traders.
  • Training Bonus. This bonus has nothing to do with money. Most likely, after registering, you will receive a link to download a free book or course on commerce.
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus

But there is no quicker way to become an expert and start earning than by learning from live, hands-on classes. So, if you are serious about becoming a high class binary options trader, you need to practice a lot and at the same time study everything about the concept of an option.

So make sure you get your bonus while the broker gives you the chance, and start your binary options business now.

Binary options - no deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are considered a separate type of bonus, as the name suggests, you do not have to deposit anything. For a 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options, the trader does not need to deposit any funds, but only needs to register on the broker's website and open a trading account. This is a fairly new type of bonus, and it comes with quite a few restrictions. You will not be able to withdraw the bonus unless you make a certain amount of profit from it, you cannot trade above a certain volume, and you will not be allowed to trade if you lose half of your bonus deposit.

Any amount, such as a binary options 100 no deposit bonus, is usually given to new users as a method of introductions and to increase trader loyalty. To do this, more often than not, the broker will ask for verification of your account. However, they are also often offered as a means of rewarding long-term users.  Bonuses can be awarded in the following situations:

  • Tournaments and contests, where the prize will be bonuses;
  • "Bring a friend" promotions;
  • These bonuses may be issued from time to time by the broker, but you should follow the news on your trading platform;
  • Other, all sorts of exotic bonuses that a broker can come up with at his discretion.

Remember that bonuses and promotional codes on the platform change and if today the broker gives a certain bonus, it does not mean that tomorrow you will be able to take advantage of it as well. Please check the relevance when logging in to the platform.

How to start trading binary options and get no-deposit bonus in Nigeria? 

Newcomers are often confused about how to trade binary options and earn rewards. They are unsure about the procedure for opening a real account and trading in general. But fear not, let's see how to start trading in Nigeria.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

The first thing you need to think about is finding a reliable and trusted broker. They will provide you with a platform that you can use on your PC or on your smartphone by downloading the app for free.

Then you need to go through a simple registration process, it won't take you anything but a couple of minutes, then you can open your account.

There are two types of account: Demo or Live.

In order to increase your capital and reduce the risks associated with investing, you can first open a demo account on the website. This will allow you to play with different assets, and see how they behave and what kind of returns you can expect from each.

Use your promo code on the platform
Use your promo code on the platform

But you won't be able to make any profit here. You train and gain invaluable experience, but don't abuse it. After all, you don't want to just play, because you can earn money at the same time.

If you're ready for real trading and want to make a profit, a real account with a small minimum deposit is for you. Usually it's $10 or so, depending on the broker.

Deposits are made by depositing money to your account in a convenient way, there are many, but the most popular are card and e-money.

Choose the level of your profile on the platform
Choose the level of your profile on the platform

Your platform will assist you in trading by providing not only the asset and 2 buttons to trade, but also much more. If you have chosen a good broker, then the following options might be at your service:

  • Minimum thresholds for trades (from $1);
  • Feature rich mobile app;
  • Pending orders feature;
  • Low withdrawal fees;
  • Charts and indicators for asset analysis;
  • User-friendly analysis of your account and transaction history;
  • Communication with traders;
  • Tournaments and contests;
  • Training videos and much more.

Choosing the right trading platform is the key to successful market analysis and profitable trading. Good luck!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose